Why Wildflour Bread?

...because the wheat germ, that vitamin rich center of each wheat berry, goes rancid within hours after milling; so we stone grind our wheat every morning. You get the freshest, most flavorful and nutritious bread on the market.
Take a loaf home today and taste the difference!

Wildflour Assortments of Bread

(All of our breads are made without preservatives or artificial ingredients)

Regular Varieties $2.60

100%Whole Wheat - studies have found that eating whole grains may decrease your risk of heart disease and some cancers. This bread, made solely from freshly ground whole wheat with a touch of honey and oil, is a great tasting way to stay healthy.

Boogie- a multigrain bread containing soy, buckwheat, barley and whole wheat flour as well as wheat bran, oats and kelp. Boogie has no oil or sweeteners other than a touch of blackstrap molasses. Great as an aid for digestion and weight loss.

Swedish Rye- a hearty rye bread. Made with both light and dark rye flours as well as rye meal.

Oatmeal Raisin- a slightly sweet bread touched with cinnamon and chock full of extra plump raisins. Makes lovely French toast.

Sunflower Seed Wheat- our top seller, this wonderful bread tastes great by itself, makes good sandwiches, and is simply marvelous when toasted!

Black Russian- a hearty bread similar to the pumpernickel varieties. Made with rye flours, cornmeal, whole wheat and wheat bran. Unlike many dark breads found on the shelf, our Russian contains no caramel or artificial color. Rather the darkness comes from rich molasses and cocoa.

Light Whole Wheat- a lighter version of our whole wheat bread, this wonderfully soft-textured bread makes great sandwiches. We also make this bread in a No Salt version for our heart conscious clients.

Sesame Wheat- a lighter whole wheat bread full of sesame seeds.

Honey Cornbread- your grandmother's pan cornbread in a loaf! Made with sweet local honey and finely ground cornmeal, this bread is truly unique.

Cracked Wheat- another of our lighter whole wheat breads made with cracked soft wheat.

Dill- a lovely light rye bread made with plenty of dill and a touch of onion.

Special Breads $2.60

Spelt (100% Wheat Free)- made only with spelt flour, this bread is a wonderful alternative for people who are allergic to wheat.

Gourmet Breads $3.35

Fiesta Loaf- honeycorn bread with cheddar cheese, salsa and Mexican seasoning.

Sundried Tomato and Basil- a wonderful herb with sun dried tomatoes, basil and garlic - hand shaped in a round loaf.

English Cheddar- another herb bread with parsley and a touch of ground mustard - full of rich cheddar cheese as well as shredded Romano cheese.

Orange Cardamon Cranberry- a lovely braided loaf of sweet yeast bread, spiced with dried orange peel and cardamom, and full of juicy cranberries.

Walnut Wheat- 100% whole wheat full of roasted walnuts - hand shaped in a round loaf. No oil and no sweeteners.

Breakfast Bar $ .75- sugar free, wheat free and dairy free - great any time of day!